Some odds and ends from my RIT days that likely fall under the legacy category. I still get occasional requests for the stuff on this page from former students and colleagues, so I’ve posted it here. If you’re looking for copies of my academic papers, check out the GenJam Papers section of this Website, or my Google Scholar page.

The Garden – Presentation originally given at the New Media Consortium Summer Conference in 2016, featuring the Butt Music from Hell – no kidding…

PGA-1 – Conference paper describing an algorithmically composed piece that sonifies the Fibonacci Partition Fractal, along with a recording of the piece.

Synthesis Demos – A bunch of Processing programs I built for a couple of classes I taught over the years to demonstrate various digital synthesis methods. I’ve ported some of these to p5.js (see above), but those that remain here are ones I haven’t ported yet. You’ll find instructions for Installing Processing along with the code for the demos. Yes, this is source code, but Processing is really easy to get into, even for non-programmers. It’s also free, both as in freedom and as in free beer, so check it out!

MineBlower – A Processing-based game I built and used for several years in a major asset-creation project in my Interactive & Game Audio class. Its cheesiness is legendary, and it’s here for you to experience! I have no plans to port this beast to p5.js…

Gameplay Programming – Online programming course I built for RIT’s edX certificate in Video Game Design. The course used Processing to expose students to programming concepts, and it was free to audit, although it is currently inactive and unlikely to return.

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