Example of the Gumkowski-Mira Fractal

Stuff that attendees in my January 15, 2021 Friday Art Forum session for DEAR might find useful and/or fun.

Gumkowski-Mira Fractal: This runs in a separate tab on your browser. It starts with a random value for the ‘a’ parameter (between 0 and 1) and draws the sequence at 1200 pixels per second until you hit the space bar to start a new one, or close the browser tab to exit the program. Since the presentation, I’ve added sonification so that you can hear the orbits as well as see them, which you can sample on the Audio Apps and Demos page of this site.

Mandelbrot Set: This runs in a separate tab on your browser. It starts with the set in the classic range and allows you to create a zoom box on a portion of the current display and then type ‘z’ to zoom in on that portion. To define the zoom box:
Click once where you’d like the upper-left corner of the zoom box to be.
Click again at the lower-right corner of the zoom box, which should create the box.
Type ‘z’ to zoom into the visible box.
Type ‘c’ to cancel a zoom any time before typing ‘z’.
Close the browser tab to exit the program.

Note – This interface is a bit clunky because it takes awhile to compute and draw the set, so it does so only when necessary. Clicking at the corners can define the zoom box without redrawing the set. Because the canvas is square, the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the zoom box must be the same, so the horizontal distance between the two clicks is used to set both dimensions. If you get a zoom box that’s not what you had in mind, just type ‘c’ to cancel it, and create another one.

p5js.org – Home of the JavaScript version of Processing. From here, check out Get Started, the Editor, Examples, and the Reference page. If you want to write or modify code, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. For tutorial videos, check out these energetic (there’s an understatement…) lectures by Daniel Shiffman on The Coding Train.

Al’s code from the session: A p5.js collection that contains all the code I developed live and demoed during the session. I’ve included the live-coding examples I built, as well as my code for the programs I demoed: Perlin Smokies, Logistic Map, Gumkowski-Mira Fractal, and Mandelbrot Set. If you want to play with the code:
Go to p5js.org (link above)
Set up an account for yourself so that you can save the code you’re playing with
Go to my code via the link above
Pick one of my programs to play with
Duplicate and save it (File menu)

Have fun!

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