This is basically an electronic press kit for Al Biles & GenJam. It also includes content you normally wouldn’t find in an EPK because, while Al & GenJam are definitely a working band, GenJam is a unique piece of technology that has become a bit famous, at least in academic circles, so there are some papers at the bottom and some deeper content sprinkled throughout.

  • Biography – Who is Al Biles? Who or What is GenJam?
  • Gigs! – Upcoming and Recent Performances
  • Repertoire – Lots and lots of tunes!
  • Video & Audio – 2020 Fringe Set, TEDx & America’s Got Talent (!)
  • Recordings – Mostly one-take recordings produced by Al’s students
  • Photos – From lots of gigs over lots of years
  • Press Coverage – From local reviews to the BBC and The Economist
  • Promo Materials – One sheet, poster, brochure…
  • Stage setup – Your sound system or ours?
  • Academic Papers – Key GenJam papers for the technically minded
  • Contact – Al’s easy to contact, GenJam not so much

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