Garden of Earthly Delights Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch

Resources you might find interesting to supplement the lecture on The Butt Music from Hell, which I’ve given in multiple venues, most recently as a DEAR Luncheon Lecture on May 18, 2023. Most are links to websites I ran across.

Hieronymus Bosch and his work

Period instruments and modern replicas

There are lots of videos resources on plainchant notation, most of which are likely more extensive than you’d like. Here’s a document that is pretty accessible, as you might gather from its title.

Butt Music from Hell

Al’s transcription of the Butt Music from Hell

Rendering of Al’s transcription of the Butt Music from Hell

Other renderings of the Butt Song, all derived from Amelia Hamrick’s transcription

  • Original Amelia Hamrick video made just after her blog entry exploded
  • Elaborate arrangement of Amelia’s transcription – Very pleasant
  • Metal version (of course there’s a metal version…)
  • Vocal “arrangement” with less-than-profound “lyrics” tastefully buried in reverb

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