I’m hereby launching this long-overdue replacement of my venerable, retro, some would say brutalist website, which I starting in the mid 1990’s and kept adding to over all these years. The old site will go away when the IGM techs get around to it, because I retired from RIT June 30, 2019, after a great 39-year ride. You can still get to the (really) old site, as long as it’s still up, at:


Hopefully, the old site will be replaced by a redirect to this site. Anyway, I’ve set up this site, GenJam.org, as a web presence for me as a musician primarily, not as an academic. While I’ve retired from RIT, I haven’t retired from performing jazz, making things, learning about stuff, and in general trying to pursue all the things I’m into. There still aren’t enough hours in the day, but at least I can use almost all them on things I really want to do instead of having to spend many of them on less desirable tasks (like grading!).

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