Live videos from our YouTube playlist: The ______ Quartet. All of these are single takes with no edits beyond fade in/fade out, and minimal mixing – overall level and occasional EQ.

Al Biles Quartet at the Rochester Fringe Festival, 2019

These were recorded at the Little Theatre Cafe on September 20. We had a great time and a full house. Chuck’s wife Bonnie ran the camera (and ran for cover when it fell over near the end of Turnaround).

Opening number of the evening. The earthquake near the end shows the crowd.
Al’s favorite Cole Porter tune that wasn’t written by Cole Porter
One of Sonny Rollins’s Rhythm changes heads
Always gotta have some Monk!
Ditto Ellingtonia!
Closing number, followed by band introductions

Chuck Dye Quartet at Porch-non-Fest, 2019

These 4 videos are from a rehearsal on Chuck’s porch that was supposed to be for “Porch Fest 2019.” The Fest didn’t happen, but it was on our calendars, so we played anyway. Since it was Chuck’s gig, this is The Chuck Dye Quartet. Bonnie did the recording again. Thanks, Bonnie!

Classic Cm Blues line in 6/8 or 3/4 (six of one, half dozen of another…)
One of our favorite Bossa Novas
One of our favorite ballads
From Black Orpheus, with kids playing – just like in the movie!

Steve Gates Quartet at Starry Nites Cafe, 2019

Three videos from a gig at Starry Nites on November 2, 2019. It’s a tight squeeze in this very intimate setting – Steve really is back there someplace! There are occasional cameos by patrons and staff (both visually and aurally), but the sound came out okay with no mixing. Bonnie once again recorded us. As always – thanks, Bonnie!

A great straight-ahead standard
Title theme from the Americanization of Emily
Another straight-up standard, this one featuring Steve trading fours

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